Our Team

Our Consultants

Our professionals combine:

  • strong expertise in consulting and thorough proficiency in key disciplines such as economics, finance, business management, etc. ; with
  • an intimate knowledge of the local West-African environment; and
  • proven international experience, including the rest of Africa, Europe and North America.



Somine Dolo
Finance ◊ Economic analysis ◊ Sustainable development ◊ Management ◊ Tax
Guire Togo
Economic analysis ◊ Sustainable development ◊ Management ◊ Finance ◊ Marketing
Romulus Behanzin
Audit ◊ Public Accounting ◊ Tax ◊ Financial planning
Abdrahamane Bakoroba Diarra
Audit ◊ Public Accounting ◊ Tax ◊ Finance
Linda Kenne (née Kueta Tulepi)
Audit ◊ Organization ◊ Public accounting ◊ Tax
Aminata Diallo
Adama Dolo
Management ◊ Organization ◊ Finance ◊ Information systems
Bakary Diarra
Economic analysis ◊ Public policy ◊ Sustainable development ◊ Microfinance
Mamoutou Berte
Tax ◊ Public policy
Fatoumata Macki Diallo
Audit ◊ Organization ◊ Public accounting
Cheick Amala Bagayoko
Audit ◊ Organization ◊ Public accounting