Kanaga Enterprise

Kanaga Enterprise provides business consulting to private and public organizations. We operate through a network of partners and entities licensed by the national boards of accountancy accross West Africa.

Services range from accounting, auditing, financial management to legal, tax, HR and information systems. We focus on clients' specific needs in West Africa while maintaining high, international-level standards.

Financial statements preparation or review, Accounting system review, Establishment and/or implementation of manual of procedures, Auditing, Tax compliance and/or optimization, Specific tax advisory, etc.
HR assessment, Organizational restructuring, Training modules, Compliance audit re: local labor regulations, Payroll establishment or review, etc.
Cost analysis, Pricing study, Budgets, Financial forecasting, Scorecards and management tools, etc.
Strategy review and assessment, Market and competition evaluation, Positioning and strategic options, Writing of business plan, Raising financing, Event-related financial advisory, Acquisition due diligence, Business restructuring, etc.